Animal Spirit Message: What the Fox Say?

12667_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1267713332If you’re groaning at the title of this post — ask yourself: could you have resisted?  After Rabbit appeared precipitously in February, I was wondering who would show up for me now that we’re on the verge of Spring.  Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that it was Fox.  What does surprise me, is the Fox considers itself to be a “mirror” as well as a master of diversion.  If there are any magicians or illusionists out there, then Fox is definitely your animal guide.   I’m still pondering the idea of Fox as “Mirror” and what that means. I’d welcome input in the comments.

Who am I? Why I am ME! As you acknowledge my beauty, and strength, and quickness, and intelligence, and devotion, I feel your love and offer it back to you. I am all of that, indeed, and I am also a mirror. I reflect everything around me back to itself and back to others their own truth, whether they be animal or plant, predator or prey. They will see themselves when they look at me. That is why it is so hard to pin Fox down, because I am always shifting and changing depending on where I am and who I am with. When I am near, others see themselves more clearly.  Me they see only as I allow.

The essence of me is simple and true and I can never lose it. For me there are no obstacles, no barriers, no boundaries of perception. To fool the eye you must always be aware of everything so that you can use whatever is available to divert the flow of attention. You must have stillness within, and the ability to take stock even when moving quickly through the world. All things are always in motion. Fox will teach you to choose your focus, how to direct your attention and that of others, so that they will see only what you wish them to.

What would I like to tell humans? Let yourselves be light and know that it is all a game. Even “life and death” is just a game that offers moments of exhilaration and joy.  Find freedom in play, instead of making everything so serious. Love the moment. Live it, dance with it, one moment into the next. You don’t know what the next moment will bring, much less tomorrow, so don’t waste time in fear. Live now!

Some “Golden” Words

Golden-Retriever-Smile-600x450Sometimes life doesn’t quite go as planned. (I know I’m not the only one to have noticed that.)  It’s always been my intention to offer “tips and techniques” for communicating with animals on this blog. I just didn’t know I was going to begin it now.  I also had a vague idea that when the time was right I would begin in an orderly fashion — you know, start at the beginning and progress neatly, step by step, through the process. Oh well — it’s a blog, after all, not a manual. There’s nothing like leaping right into the middle.  So, while the post I had intended to write several weeks ago on cats as energy/dream workers is still percolating, something else is pushing itself forward — just like something a wise dog told me a long time ago.

I had contacted this wonderful dog, an elderly golden retriever, on behalf of a human client, but we — the dog and I — were enjoying each other so much that toward the end of our conversation the dog asked if she could contact me again. I was flattered but uncertain, so I said “I don’t know if I’ll be aware of you trying to contact me.” I was still very new at this work, and it’s not like she could just ring me on her cell phone.

This smart, experienced dog told me “If I just pop into your head while you’re not thinking about me, that probably means I want to talk to you.”

This is one of the best lessons, and some of the most useful advice I’ve ever received on the subject of animal communication. So a tip to keep in mind when you’re working, playing, traveling, or otherwise occupied, and your beloved animal companion just pops into your head for no reason — know they’re thinking about you and would like some interaction.  If you are able to, take a moment and just feel the love in that thought of your animal companion. Allow your love for them to rise up expansively — just let it fill you in that moment. Then send it out to them. Sending is so much easier than you might think. It only takes the clear intention to do so.  Just give that love a little “push” in their direction.  If you like you can visualize it as a sparkly cloud or bubble, a beam of light (my favorite visualization), or a shower of sparkles, or see yourself covering them with a warm blanket, caressing their fur, tossing a toy, handing them a treat, or anything that works for you as a way of expressing your love. Sometimes it’s fun to let an appropriate visualization come spontaneously, without a lot of conscious thought, in response to whatever you intuitively sense the animal might be seeking from you. You can even add words, if you wish, like “You’re such a good dog,” or simply “I love you.” Just send it out and wait a moment.  Allow yourself to be open and feel anything that may come back to you. In all likelihood it will be something like a burst of joy, a deepening of that love, or a feeling of the animal’s presence as though they were there with you and loving you as they always do. You can do this anytime from anywhere as a way of quickly tuning into your animal friend’s energy, and sharing a loving moment with them.

I hope you try it. I’d love to hear about how it feels to you, or about any experiences you might have with this or similar techniques. I’ll answer questions in the comments if I can.