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photo (18) Meet Athena

Athena is a Eurasian Eagle-Owl. She currently lives at the San Francisco zoo, where she has resided since shortly after being confiscated by authorities as “evidence” against the illegal animal trader who smuggled her and her siblings across international borders disguised as Easter eggs. Athena cannot be released into the wild because she imprinted on humans as a hatchling and will always want to be close to them.

When I met her, Athena didn’t know that she was the archetypal representative of wisdom. She didn’t know that birds are often considered to be messengers of the divine. But when I asked her if she had a message for me, something opened up in both of us. She experienced it as soaring, and I felt her “whoosh” of exultation as the message came through her. It was “Use what you know.”

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Since then she has delivered two more messages for me. The second was, “Put it all together.”

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The third message was “Spread your wings.”

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Those three messages from Athena the owl, bird of wisdom, were part of the inspiration for this site.

Who this site is for:

Humans who sense the ties of Spirit that connect all life. Anyone wanting to establish or deepen their connection with:

  •  Beloved animal companions
  • Animals, plants, and the spirits of nature
  • The spirit that exists in, and expresses itself through, all life
  • Inner wisdom and guidance
  • Power animals
  • Spirit guides, helpers, and allies
  • Joy and creativity.

Things you will find on this site:

  • Stories about communicating with animals and the unique perspective, insight, and wisdom they provide.  This includes animals presenting themselves in their own “words.”  There is even a special section devoted to contributions from my feline partners, Rune and Luna.
  • Discussion and stories about living in multi-species families and the issues, misunderstandings, and abundant opportunities for growth that can occur.
  • Messages to humanity received from various animal spirit collectives (i.e., the spirit of “Bear” speaking for all bears, or “Fox” for all foxes, as opposed to any individual member of a species).
  • Tips, tools, and techniques for communicating with your own beloved animal companions, and for accessing the wisdom of power animals, and spirit guides, allies, and helpers.
  • Methods you can use to establish clear channels of communication with your own inner wisdom, and connect with the vast resources of guidance and creativity available for all areas of your life.

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