Animal Spirit Message: Lion

lion-family-105624469667The sun is in Leo and the word is that the Lion’s Gate Portal, a star portal open from July 26 through August 12th, (perhaps associated with the star Sirius, and the constellation of Leo, and linked, somehow, to the pyramids of ancient Egypt) reaches its peak today. With so much about the recent passing of Cecil the lion in the news, and hopes and prayers that this much-publicized killing will lead somehow to an increase in consciousness about the need to honor and respect our animal kindred, this seems like the perfect and inevitable time for the following animal spirit message from Lion. In reaching for this message, so many symbols that various cultures around the world have associated with this great cat —  Sekhmet, Bast, Ariel, Leo, Aslan, the heraldry of European royalty — swam before my inner eye. I touched briefly the wise, sweet energy of my friend, Jahari, the male lion at the San Francisco zoo, before coming to the great Spirit Pride of Lion.  Somewhat to my surprise, Lion owned and accepted all of the associations I had just made and incorporated them in the following message to us.

We know you. We speak as symbols of power, royalty, might and majesty –especially the majesty of Life, or Nature, or that which you call God. We speak as beasts of planet Earth who live and dwell in ever-dwindling wild places. We speak as Guardians of the gate of the worlds where dream and thought shift into form and shape themselves into the substance of physical manifestation. We know you. We know you for your kind and ours have helped to shape each other, because we have created together for so long. You look to us as symbols and yet you do not feel our kinship and oneness with all Life. You do not feel your own. You cannot ever rule over that which you do not acknowledge or claim within your self. You have looked to our kind to show you the ways of sovereignity and we show you by our very being that we are sovereign only to ourselves. You must own your true selfhood and your oneness with all that is. Claim your power within yourselves. That will bring you peace from all the unrest and strife within and without.

Stand in the truth of your nature and relish the Life that flows through you. Express it freely and truly and boldly. That is all we know and all that you-we truly are.

This Gate that you speak of, the Lion’s Gate, is the gate of self-realization, of God realization. It is knowledge and power in the simplicity of living and loving Life, of being and expressing who you truly are — and only that.

It is simple for us. We have no other truth. You have found so many ways to obscure the simplicity of this truth for yourself. Stop and let go of all that is untrue. Be yourself, know yourself, and look to no other for your truth.

We do not let others tell us how to be Lion. We simply are. All the beasts of the earth know this except you humans who are always looking for and to other “authorities” to tell you who and how to be.  The authority on this is always and only yourself.  That is who you are here to be. Be powerful and be true. Look to no other but yourself. That is all.

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