Animal Spirit Message: Rabbit

RabbitI know you must be thinking, “Hey! What’s going on here?  It’s only February.  You couldn’t wait and drag out Rabbit for Easter, or at least Spring? ” I get it.  But I’m taking my cues from Rabbit, who enjoys being unexpected, and — apparently — wants to speak NOW.   (We’ll have to wait and see who does emerge in the Spring.)

You have to be quick to catch me. I create with abandon, fertile with life and joy. Spirit flows through me abundantly, dances and plays with me. I have much love and much fun in my secret, hidden world as well as in the overworld. Always remember that I live in two worlds. There is more to Rabbit than meets the eye; much that you never see.

I enjoy visiting your world above the ground, but am at my full power and strength in the secret underground world that is mine, where I bear and nurture my young and can be my deepest, truest self in peace and safety.

I am perceived as weak, vulnerable and fearful in the upper world, your world, where many creatures prey upon me. I would rather be viewed and thought of as the ruler of my underground domain who sometimes comes up to play in the light. That is my mystery and the aspect of me that is often overlooked because no one sees it.

I am light of heart and spirit. I have no real worry or fear because I am fast and clever and my home is safe and hidden from all eyes. I am wise and foolish, both together.

I know better than to call my predators to me with excessive fear. That would be silly. The fearful ones, the timid, unsure, or reckless are most often taken as prey.  But I am so abundant, so many in number and so sure of my continuation [as a species] that I am available to nourish those who require me as food. I create new life easily and joyously and make gift of it when there is need. This is a source of pride to me.  There is enough of ME to go around, so many bodies to play and dance in, to endlessly experience life with abundance, ease and joy.

What humans perceive and the stories they tell about ME are not important, they are not ME at all. Thank you for seeking my truth.

My advice?  Learn to cherish the true source of your abundance, the beauty and worth of your deep inner being, and dance and play in the sun when you can. It is not what you expected of me is it? You did not know that I could be wise. Now you know the true Rabbit — always unexpected, yet gentle and gracious in nature and intent.  Know that I delight to surprise you, yet expect no harm of me.

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