Animal Spirit Message: Seal

23923_1600x1200-wallpaper-cb1280341596It is delicious, delightful being me. I know the worlds of deep water and land, diving deep, skimming lightly on the surface, sunning myself on the rocks. I am as changeable and adaptable as the sea in which I live. There is so much to experience, life is joyful and varied. I follow the fish which nourish me, so it is always a merry chase, an adventure and a feast.

Your kind are interesting to me, so different, so resolute, so unheeding, sometimes so cruel, often equally kind. I would like to feel more of the joy of life in your folk. All the water folk know much joy, much lightness of spirit. We have buoyancy. I like that word. I enjoy describing me through your words. This is a delightful dance.

You begin to feel it, the essence of me. It is buoyant and joyful, contrasting delights of being part of the different worlds of land and sea. Otter is akin to us, to the essence of what we are, but we are more nurturing, less about games and more about exploring the depths.

You may think of me as a guide on your journey through the deep waters of your life and inner being. The inner self of humans, the flow of Spirit through the world, is much like the sea that I swim. Too often, humans are afraid of the depths of themselves. Yet it is the depth of the water that allows it to fully support you. Trust the depth and your own buoyancy, let your hearts be light and life will be good for you. Be curious, love your physical form and enjoy your experience of it. I am happy to help humans in this way if asked with love and respect. Humans wield much power upon the earth, and the happier and more connected they are, the better it is for all the creatures of the earth.  For this reason we are willing to help you.

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