Animal Spirit Messages: Beaver – Building To Benefit Earth

beaver(I began my conversation with the Spirit of Beaver by sending love and appreciation, which was returned in kind.  I was impressed and touched by the kinship that Beaver perceives between it’s kind and ours.  There is much we can learn from the Beaver folk.) 

Thank you for your appreciation. I accept it with gratitude. You humans often show me respect and affection and I do not fear you although it is best when I am left alone to do my work and enjoy my life. In so many ways I am much like you. I am an engineer and a builder like you. My designs and structures are famous and admired by other beings. This pleases me.  I take pride in my makings, as do you.

The difference between me and you is that I use what nature offers and build to provide for my own needs and those of my family, knowing that the earth benefits from my work, from what I create. That is as it should be. If you humans always had this knowing you would be happier in your work and more eager to create with purpose in your lives.

That is what I would like you to remember about me and tell others. I care for my own and build with purpose so that all benefit. What I value, what is most important to me, is my family, my home, and the rivers and streams and waters in which I live. I help to regulate their flow. It is a very important job and many other creatures in the water and on land rely on me. They are my larger family as all beings on the earth would be yours if you would honor and treat them as such.

I would ask you humans to look to the state of the waters.  It is most distressing. You could help us and yourselves, and the earth, if you would only clean up after yourselves better.

If you call on me I will help you to create the structures needed for your lives with purpose and for the benefit of all. I can help you regulate the flow of your lives.

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