Animal Spirit Messages: Frog Speaks

photo (19)(Animal Spirit Messages are communications and messages to humanity from the collective spirit of an animal species as opposed to any individual member.  Sometimes they choose to speak in the first person, “I,” and sometimes in the plural as here.)

We are many and varied and cover all the world. We are born in water and our young are like fishes, completely of the water world. We grow up into our land legs, where we move by leaps and bounds.  We bridge the elements of life and can help you do this too.

We know the ceremonies and ways of transformation and transition between the worlds, as we dance between the realms of water, and earth.

We are dancers, musicians, singers, makers of song and sound magic, and the night is our time of song and celebration.

We offer the gifts of healing, purification, and appreciation of the beauty and perfection of different ways of being.

We are fertile and abundant and want for nothing.

Our intent is to experience earth life in our own unique ways and forms through all our transformations and expressions. We will help you learn to joyfully express your true passion and the many facets of your own nature. We teach change, and to allow the old form to nourish the new one as it develops.  As you change, you recreate yourself and meet the world fresh and new with each transformation. That is what we do and we can show you the way.

Call on us and we will help you. We will guide all who ask us with the proper appreciation and respect.

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