Animal Spirit Messages: Owl as Guide

photo (26)(Reaching for the Spirit of Owl was an interesting learning experience for me. I found that because this bird has so many layers of archetype, myth and story wrapped around it, such as being the bird of wisdom, sacred to the goddess Athena, the bird of wizards and magicians, etc., that I had to reach past this wide, deep, archetypal layer of humanity’s creation in order to finally connect with the actual spirit of the being that expresses here on Earth in feather, bone and flesh.  Even then, it seemed that Owl was not unaffected by all that we have projected upon it throughout our time on Earth together.  Owl’s message, however, is perfect for this dark time of the year.  In fact, I am reminded of the following prayer of unknown origin that I found on a magnet, and have long had on my refrigerator: “Oh Owl, you who fly through the darkness, seeing everything in the night, help me to see through my own darkness to find the light within.”)

I am the night Hunter, winged predator of the night. I am silent and swift and sure in my strikes. Many creatures hide in fear of me.

I fear few and this makes me proud. The large cats I am wary of, but that’s about it. Many more creatures fear me than I have fear of.

My call leads humans astray in the dark although it can also guide them if they know where they wish to go.

For your kind, I am at my best as a guide. I can guide you through the dark if you will put aside your fears and follow. Trust that I will lead you safely to places where there is comfort, warmth, life, food and magic. Wherever you need to go.

There is no fear in darkness, it is kind, comforting, concealing. I am the light shining from within. It is the harsh bright light of day, the glare of the sun, that I avoid. I do not fear it, but I am truly at my best in the dark.

When you allow yourself to revel in the darkness and receive the peace and calm it brings, I will come to you to show you the way to what you seek.  I will remind you that there is life here, too, in the night. Yes, I am proud, it is good to be Owl!

The magic and mystery of the dark and the moonlight is mine. The depth and shadows of the night fascinate and beckon. Remember the wildness and the excitement of the night and remember the part of yourself that so often you experience only in dreams. It will energize you and make you more fully alive. It is hard for you to do this when you have to be awake all day. If you would follow me, I suggest you take rest during the light time.

Think of flying through the night illuminated from within, knowing yourself to be the fierce ruler of the skies. Dream on it, and you will know me. Speak of the guidance and the wisdom to be found in the dark silent places when I come to you.

Soar whenever you can.

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