Animal Spirit Messages: Owl as Guide

photo (26)(Reaching for the Spirit of Owl was an interesting learning experience for me. I found that because this bird has so many layers of archetype, myth and story wrapped around it, such as being the bird of wisdom, sacred to the goddess Athena, the bird of wizards and magicians, etc., that I had to reach past this wide, deep, archetypal layer of humanity’s creation in order to finally connect with the actual spirit of the being that expresses here on Earth in feather, bone and flesh.  Even then, it seemed that Owl was not unaffected by all that we have projected upon it throughout our time on Earth together.  Owl’s message, however, is perfect for this dark time of the year.  In fact, I am reminded of the following prayer of unknown origin that I found on a magnet, and have long had on my refrigerator: “Oh Owl, you who fly through the darkness, seeing everything in the night, help me to see through my own darkness to find the light within.”)

I am the night Hunter, winged predator of the night. I am silent and swift and sure in my strikes. Many creatures hide in fear of me.

I fear few and this makes me proud. The large cats I am wary of, but that’s about it. Many more creatures fear me than I have fear of.

My call leads humans astray in the dark although it can also guide them if they know where they wish to go.

For your kind, I am at my best as a guide. I can guide you through the dark if you will put aside your fears and follow. Trust that I will lead you safely to places where there is comfort, warmth, life, food and magic. Wherever you need to go.

There is no fear in darkness, it is kind, comforting, concealing. I am the light shining from within. It is the harsh bright light of day, the glare of the sun, that I avoid. I do not fear it, but I am truly at my best in the dark.

When you allow yourself to revel in the darkness and receive the peace and calm it brings, I will come to you to show you the way to what you seek.  I will remind you that there is life here, too, in the night. Yes, I am proud, it is good to be Owl!

The magic and mystery of the dark and the moonlight is mine. The depth and shadows of the night fascinate and beckon. Remember the wildness and the excitement of the night and remember the part of yourself that so often you experience only in dreams. It will energize you and make you more fully alive. It is hard for you to do this when you have to be awake all day. If you would follow me, I suggest you take rest during the light time.

Think of flying through the night illuminated from within, knowing yourself to be the fierce ruler of the skies. Dream on it, and you will know me. Speak of the guidance and the wisdom to be found in the dark silent places when I come to you.

Soar whenever you can.

The Power of Names


There is power in a name. We all know that, don’t we? It’s why choosing a name for our children or animal companions is such a big deal. In many ways, finding the right name for an animal is so much easier than for a child. We don’t have to worry, for instance, if the other kids will tease them about it on the playground, or if our relatives will be offended if we don’t use their name.

So, does it matter to our animal friends what name we give them?  Well, no, and — yes. For the most part, your animal companions, very like your children, will learn the names you call them by and will accept and carry them throughout their lives as a reflection of their bond and connection with you. For that very reason, care and attention given to naming can be an important way of creating, strengthening, and honoring that bond.

This is especially true in cases where a name is backed by a strong image or feeling. An animal will pick up on that image or feeling and may internalize or identify with it.  Cats, for example, hate being laughed at, so choosing a funny name that makes other humans laugh when they hear it might mean that your cat will choose to avoid other humans rather than be greeted with derisive laughter. (Hmmm.  Not so different from that playground thing, after all, is it?)

Everyone has their own approach to naming. Over the past decade or so, I’ve been experimenting with bringing animals into the process.

I first met my cat, Luna, when she was a tiny kitten, too young to be taken from her mama. During the weeks between our first meeting and my being able to bring her home with me, I connected with her daily using intuitive animal communication. Every time I contacted her, I sent her love, which I visualized as a ray of light beaming from my heart to hers. After a few days, I knew that it was time to have a special name for her.

So, after sending out my beam of  love, I told her that I was looking for a special word to call her by, something that would always mean her. I asked her how she saw herself and if there was anything she particularly liked that might be that word. Her first response was that she really liked that beam of light I sent her and could that be a name? I told her there were many words that meant light and that I would find one to be her name. When her mama cat’s human companion (Luna’s human family of origin) suggested “Luna,” I offered it to her with an image of the bright full moon and it’s silvery-white beams of light that shine through the darkness. She was pleased by the image, the word, and the fact that it came from her very first human. She loved the image, it’s connections and the feelings behind the image, and she has always loved her name!

Another question that comes up on the topic of naming animals is in the case of adoption of an older or rescued animal. To rename or not to rename? Many people seem to feel that it is confusing to an animal to impose a new name. On the other hand, there are cases where a new name is a much-needed clean slate, creating a fresh start for an animal’s new life and new relationship with you.

When a human client contacted me about her newly adopted dog, Stella, she was primarily concerned about certain behavioral issues. Almost as an afterthought she asked if I would also find out how Stella felt about her name. She said the dog acted almost as if she was ashamed or embarrassed by it.

Since it was fairly far down on the list of topics to ask about, it wasn’t really in my mind when I first reached out to her through her photograph, sent my beam of love to her and called her by the name, “Stella.”

My very first impression was of shamed, submissive body language, the sweet, lively looking dog in the photo huddling down, shrinking in on herself, and turning her head away. Very clearly, I heard the words, “Stella is a bad, bad dog!”

It was clear that this dog had been traumatized by those words spoken in harsh tones of anger and disgust, immediately preceding ejection from her original home. Whatever she had done to prompt these words had been so terrible that she was no longer worthy of love or a home. Small wonder that the very sound of her name shamed her. Stella has since been renamed “Lilly.” As her new loving human wrote to me, “Names are powerful. I loved the name Stella, and it just couldn’t stay.”


Animal Spirit Messages: Beaver – Building To Benefit Earth

beaver(I began my conversation with the Spirit of Beaver by sending love and appreciation, which was returned in kind.  I was impressed and touched by the kinship that Beaver perceives between it’s kind and ours.  There is much we can learn from the Beaver folk.) 

Thank you for your appreciation. I accept it with gratitude. You humans often show me respect and affection and I do not fear you although it is best when I am left alone to do my work and enjoy my life. In so many ways I am much like you. I am an engineer and a builder like you. My designs and structures are famous and admired by other beings. This pleases me.  I take pride in my makings, as do you.

The difference between me and you is that I use what nature offers and build to provide for my own needs and those of my family, knowing that the earth benefits from my work, from what I create. That is as it should be. If you humans always had this knowing you would be happier in your work and more eager to create with purpose in your lives.

That is what I would like you to remember about me and tell others. I care for my own and build with purpose so that all benefit. What I value, what is most important to me, is my family, my home, and the rivers and streams and waters in which I live. I help to regulate their flow. It is a very important job and many other creatures in the water and on land rely on me. They are my larger family as all beings on the earth would be yours if you would honor and treat them as such.

I would ask you humans to look to the state of the waters.  It is most distressing. You could help us and yourselves, and the earth, if you would only clean up after yourselves better.

If you call on me I will help you to create the structures needed for your lives with purpose and for the benefit of all. I can help you regulate the flow of your lives.

Glimmers of Light: A Cat’s Thanksgiving List

LunalightI thought, it being Thanksgiving week, that I would ask my cat Luna about her gratitude list. Abstract concepts like gratitude can be difficult to convey to animals, so I started by asking what she likes most about her life.

Luna is a slightly skittish cat, leery of loud noises and unexpected activity.  She is also extremely sweet-natured and at the same time is very vocal and expressive. She loves to talk and is never shy of voicing her opinions about anything. She’s also a big purr-bunny, with a purr for every occasion. Cats, like most non-human animals, tend to be very much in the present moment so her immediate response to my question was that she likes the warm, soft spot she’s found on the bed to nap and the fact that it’s quiet this morning.

Wanting a little more from her, I thought about all her many different purrs. There is the one that she uses to soothe herself or me, when either of us is in need of comfort.  There’s the complex purr she uses when she wants to encourage me to do something, like rub her tummy or adjust my position to make her more comfortable. There’s her warm, sleepy purr, and then there’s the purr that expresses pure contentment. That was the feeling I offered to her when I asked what makes you purr the most?

Here is her list:

“Snuggling with you in the bed at night, when you pet me and talk softly and listen to my purrs and feel what I feel so that it is like we purr together;
waking up from a nap and finding you here and food in my dish;
mornings when it is quiet and peaceful and there is sun to warm me;
being the first to claim the big cozy chair [papasan] and having it all to myself for as long as I want;
when I sit on you in your chair and you comb me and talk to me.”

At this point, it seemed like Luna was getting into the spirit of the discussion I had intended, so I asked if there were other things that made her happy even if she didn’t purr. She offered these:

“The way my new toy sounds [crackly] and smells [of catnip];
seeing the birds perch outside the window makes me feel excited and happy;
when I hear that music that I like [Luna is a U2 fan, and also loves the meditation music I play].”

Thinking it might be a little off topic, but wanting to continue while we had the conversation going, I asked her how she felt about what I sometimes perceive as the relative sameness of her days. To my surprise — and bringing us right back on topic after all — she gave me a happy purr. Her routine makes her feel safe and comfortable. She appreciates and relies on it.

So, for Thanksgiving, my light-bringer, Luna, offers food for thought about the little things that we can all be grateful for in every moment. Appreciation and gratitude is where Luna resides. What might your beloved animal companion be grateful for right now?

With our warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and for the giving of thanks and happy purrs for families and beings of all species.

Words of Wisdom: From a Cat to Readers in Cyberland

photo_1 (6)

Rune, a.k.a. Her Majesty Queen Rune Elizabeth I, was originally named for her mystical markings. She is a wise soul, a big spirit in a small feline body.  As you can probably tell from her title, she has a decidedly regal air about her.  Like many wise elders who don’t suffer fools, she can also have a bit of an “edge.”

She loves it when I “listen” to her.  I know I don’t do that as often as she would like, and I’m not sure I could ever do it often enough to please her. So, naturally, I thought she’d be happy when I asked her if she had any wisdom she’d like to share with people on the Internet. I figured she’d jump at the chance.

What I neglected to calculate was having to explain about the Internet.  Don’t cats know all about it by now? After all they’re all over it everywhere.  I mean, don’t cats pretty much rule the internet?  What a shock that a flesh and blood cat wouldn’t immediately understand the question. By way of explanation, I started sending her images of people looking at their computer screens and seeing her.

Immediately I started receiving images back.  The first was of Rune politely putting out a paw to tap my keyboard, then of her walking across the keyboard in front of the monitor, followed by an image of her trying to get in my lap and finding the computer in the way. Is this sounding familiar to anyone?  Feelings of increasing annoyance and frustration accompanied these images.  The final picture she showed me is one that most cat lovers will be very familiar with. I call it “the back.” It’s one of the strongest expressions of complete feline disapproval.

photo_2 (6)

I don’t think she could possibly have been more clear.  In short, the message my wise cat sends to humans in cyberspace is: “Turn off your computers and pay attention to your cat.”


Animal Spirit Messages: Frog Speaks

photo (19)(Animal Spirit Messages are communications and messages to humanity from the collective spirit of an animal species as opposed to any individual member.  Sometimes they choose to speak in the first person, “I,” and sometimes in the plural as here.)

We are many and varied and cover all the world. We are born in water and our young are like fishes, completely of the water world. We grow up into our land legs, where we move by leaps and bounds.  We bridge the elements of life and can help you do this too.

We know the ceremonies and ways of transformation and transition between the worlds, as we dance between the realms of water, and earth.

We are dancers, musicians, singers, makers of song and sound magic, and the night is our time of song and celebration.

We offer the gifts of healing, purification, and appreciation of the beauty and perfection of different ways of being.

We are fertile and abundant and want for nothing.

Our intent is to experience earth life in our own unique ways and forms through all our transformations and expressions. We will help you learn to joyfully express your true passion and the many facets of your own nature. We teach change, and to allow the old form to nourish the new one as it develops.  As you change, you recreate yourself and meet the world fresh and new with each transformation. That is what we do and we can show you the way.

Call on us and we will help you. We will guide all who ask us with the proper appreciation and respect.


Welcome to Our Animal Wisdom where we celebrate and explore our spiritual connections as animals of planet earth to all other animals and beings of planet earth. “Our Animal Wisdom” refers to the voice of Spirit speaking to us through our brother and sister beings on this beautiful planet as well as through the inner knowing of our deep intuitive minds and hearts.  At this site we combine the insight of an intuitive animal communicator with the perspectives and practices of shamanism and hypnotherapy to access these messages and offer them to our conscious minds in name of greater appreciation and understanding of ourselves and all life.