Animal Communication

What is Intuitive Animal Communication?

Intuitive Animal Communication (sometimes also called telepathic animal communication) is an energetic conversation with a non-human animal. It involves a direct exchange of pure thought energy and information, often conveyed in the form of images, emotions, or kinesthetic feelings in the body, which I translate into words and concepts for a human to understand. All animals have an inmate ability to communicate in this way. I believe it is, in fact, the essence behind all communication. Humans, being animals, have this ability as well, but our conditioning, ideas, and beliefs often prevent us from using it.

What can animal communication do for you? (Why would you use an animal communicator?)

Would you like to understand why your animal companion behaves in a certain way? Or, more to the point perhaps, why he or she isn’t behaving the way you want or expect them to? Behavioral issues are one of the main reasons that humans consult with animal communicators, but they are by no means the only reason.

Animal communication can be of benefit in many other ways  as well, such as:

  • Helping your animal companion understand and deal with changing circumstances,such as a home move, or the addition (or loss) of a family member. (Perhaps you might want to prepare your cat in advance for that new puppy?)
  • Adoptions and related issues such as the selection of a name
  • Territorial issues with other animals in the household or even the neighborhood
  • Concerns over the handling of health related treatment and issues (NOTE: I am not a vet or a medical intuitive. I may be able to help you understand what your animal companion wants or is feeling but I cannot diagnose or suggest treatment of any health problems.)
  • Support and reassurance for an animal left at home during human vacations and other extended absences

What a typical session entails:

I generally do all animal communication work remotely.  I will need a picture of the animal, his/her name and general location, and, of course, basic information about the topic on which you wish me to communicate.

Unless we arrange otherwise, I will usually speak to your animal first, and then contact you by phone or email with a full report. At that time I can also act as “interpreter “in a further dialogue between you and your animal, conveying your comments and questions directly, and relaying the animal’s response.  If desired, phone sessions can be recorded.  A digital copy of the recording will be provided at no additional charge.

If you’d like to read what other humans have to say about this work, visit our testimonial page called “What the Humans Think.


$75 per session

(If follow-up sessions are needed on the same subject, I will charge only $25 per session. Additional sessions on new topics will be $75.)

If it is something you desire, a regular ($75) session may include basic instruction in intuitive animal communication and some techniques you can use to communicate with your animal yourself. Follow-up one-on-one instruction in animal communication is $50 per hour.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me about a session or with any questions you might have.  We will have a Paypal option for payment available soon.

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