Animal Stone Readings

Perhaps you would like to relax and receive a little guidance from the teachers of the animal spirit world. Let me throw the stones for you. My “stones” are small, natural semi precious stones carved into the shapes of animals. I have been collecting them for years. Each one has been carefully charged and imbued with the spirit and energy of the animal it represents. (Some people refer to stones like these as “fetishes” and a few of mine actually are beautifully handcarved animal fetishes made by Native American artists. But since most of them do not fall into this category,  I have chosen to refer to the collection as simply “the stones” out of deference to native peoples working in their own sacred traditions.)

Working with the animal energies and my own team of spiritual allies and helpers, I can interpret the archetypal energies and patterns of the stones and help you to apply their messages to your life.  Several different kinds of readings are available:

  • Directional reading — tells you what animal energies are available to you in major areas of your life
  • Chaos reading — tells you about energies working for and against you at this moment in time and which areas of your life are most likely to be affected
  • Chakra reading — tells you which animal energies can best help you align your own energy centers
  • Single stone — a selection of one stone in answer to a specific question with suggestions on how you can best work with the energy it represents.

You may choose which format you prefer, or ask me to do it for you.

If you’d like to read what other humans have to say about this service, visit our testimonial page called “What the Humans Think.


All readings $35 for approximately 40 minutes, except for the one stone selection which is $15 for approximately 15 minutes.

Readings can be done by phone, Skype, or email with picture attachments.  If desired, phone sessions can be recorded.  A digital copy of the recording will be provided at no additional charge.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me about a reading or with any questions.  We will have a Paypal option for payment available very soon.

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