Shamanic Hypnotherapy

As mentioned on the “About Our Animal Wisdom Team” page, I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist (which is the highest level of certification for a hypnotherapist), as well as a shamanic practitioner.  I have years of experience assisting people with the kind of issues that are often considered “hypnotherapist territory,” such as habit control and weight loss. While I enjoy helping people in this way, I have found that my true calling and strength seems to be in combining the tools of both the hypnotherapist and shaman to assist people in their transformational and personal growth work, including strengthening their connections with the realms of Spirit. This has led me to develop a synthesis that I call “Shamanic Hypnotherapy.”

What can Shamanic Hypnotherapy do for you?

Some examples of issues that can be addressed by this method:

  • Discovering more self-love and resolving self-esteem issues
  • Finding inspiration and overcoming blocks to creativity and self-expression
  • Revealing your true life mission or “spiritual purpose”
  • Finding more joy and passion in your life
  • Connecting with the guidance of your own inner “wise one”
  • Creating a spirit of cooperation among the many diverse aspects and parts of your self in order to reach personal goals
  • Recovering and re-establishing relationships with parts of yourself that may have been lost — or merely gone into hiding — due to past conditioning or even traumatic events. (This is often referred to by shamans as “soul loss.”)
  • Meeting and working with your own team of spiritual guides, teachers, and helpers
  • Finding and working with your power animal(s)
  • Exploring past lives that may be affecting you currently

How Does It work?

One of the things that both traditional hypnosis and many of the techniques of shamanism have in common is the use of natural, healthy trance states to promote the shifts in consciousness that can create powerful and lasting transformation and change. These shifts can often seem to occur effortlessly with great ease, almost as if “by magic.”  That is because the conditions for change are being produced at a very deep level by the enormous power of your subconscious mind, which is also the part of your mind that has the most direct access to what is often referred to as the “unconscious.”  This couldn’t be more of a misnomer, however, as the “unconscious” is supremely aware and always connected to the vast creative source energy of the non-physical realms.  We only call it “unconscious”, not because IT is unconscious, but because, for the most part, WE are unconscious of IT.

What happens during a session?

After an in-depth interview and discussion of your goals and objectives, I will use one of a variety of different techniques to gently guide you into a natural trance state. You will be in control at all times and will choose how deep you wish to go. Then we will collaboratively discover the appropriate imagery and create an internal environment that will be both powerful and healing for you, and that will guide and assist your subconscious in creating your desired outcome. This could take the form of a shamanic journey, or simply a journey of self discovery. It can be fully guided by me, completely interactive, or totally self-generated, depending on your choices. The experience will always be unique and designed specifically for, and in collaboration with, you.  I will always be working with my own team of spiritual advisors, allies and helpers and will make any guidance I receive from them available to you if that is something you desire. After our trance work, we will typically spend some time “debriefing” and discussing the experience so that you will be better able to integrate it into your consciousness and life, and particularly, so that you will be aware of any “next steps” you need to take.

Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype in the privacy of your own home so you will always feel comfortable, relaxed and secure. A first session will last up to 1 1/2 hours because we will initially spend more time discussing your needs and goals. Subsequent sessions will generally last approximately one hour.  If desired, phone sessions can be recorded.  A digital copy of the recording will be provided at no additional charge.

If you’d like to read what others have to say about this work, visit our testimonial page called “What the Humans Think.


$100 for an initial session (which, as mentioned above can be as long as 1 1/2 hours)

$90 per hour for subsequent sessions (Special packages of three sessions for $240 and five sessions for $390 are available if booked at the time of the initial session.)

Please use the contact form below to connect with me about a session or with any questions you might have.  We will have a Paypal option for payment available very soon.

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