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Here’s what other humans have to say about Dara’s Services:

Animal Communication


“I am very grateful for Dara’s empathic and intuitive sense about animal needs.  Our outdoor cat, Netta, was getting very old (17 years) and she started to spend more time inside.  This was fine by us as we loved spending more time with her, however, potty-training in the litter box was tricky.  Netta preferred to go outside, but we didn’t have cat doors for her to go in and out, nor could we watch her all the time for cues to go outdoors.  A week went by, and Netta still didn’t like the litter box.  I consulted Dara, who spent some time with Netta, listening and talking to her. Miraculously, that night, Netta started to easefully go in and out of the litter box, without a hitch. She acclimated to living indoors really easily, and became a total indoor cat.  It turned out that Netta died the following year of kidney cancer.  We felt so blessed to be able to spend the last year of her life so close to her.

Dara also helped with our dog, Stella. Stella has always been good in going out in our backyard to do her business. However, 3 years ago, she started to poop in the house, even though she had easy access to the backyard.  After a couple days of this, I consulted Dara, and though she couldn’t see Stella in person, she was able to sense into Stella from afar.  Dara told me that Stella was in pain (even though Stella didn’t display any signs of it, so it wasn’t obvious to us), and that the pain was emanating from her lower abdomen.  I took Stella to the vet the next day, and Dara was right.  It turned out that Stella had a stone in her gall bladder. Dara “talked” to Stella (again, from afar) and reassured her that we loved her and that she was going to go through a difficult time, but she was going to be alright.  Stella was operated on the next day, and it went well.  Her recuperation process was steady, and I believe it’s because Dara prepped and “talked” her through it.  I believe that Dara saved Stella’s life and made her life a better one.  3 years later, Stella is now 16 years old, and still strong and spunky!”

Sabrina Chaw, Women’s Empowerment Mentor

Dara helped me to communicate with my cat, Lucy, during two very difficult decision processes.  First, when the vet was recommending the removal of all of Lucy’s teeth to deal with inflammation caused by an auto-immune deficiency, Dara was able to describe this outcome to Lucy, and to get her okay before we proceeded.  Then, at the end of Lucy’s long life, Dara helped me to check in with her to determine her quality of life, and whether she was ready to leave her ailing little body. Being able to communicate with Lucy and include her gave me so much peace of mind in making these hard decisions, which was priceless. I consider Dara to be a trusted resource, and I look forward to working with her again.”

Leslie Thomsen

I was faced with a major decision regarding what to do with my beloved cat Tawny of 14 years. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness that was very serious and the vet told me I had to decide whether to put her down or bring her home (she was in there overnight for testing). I was so distraught but then I thought of Dara and her animal communication sessions. I did an emergency phone session with her in which she was able to facilitate communication with my Tawny to tell me what Tawny was feeling and wanted. I was able to get the clarity and peace of mind to make the right choice and bring her home. The entire experience was comforting and very accurate. I consider it part of the vet care for her and she is SO reasonably priced. If you are struggling with anything regarding your pet (whether they are here now or have passed), I so recommend Dara’s services. My Tawny passed the very next day here at home naturally, the way she wanted to go. I am sad, but at the same time feel so much better than if I hadn’t had a session to connect with Tawny’s spirit to see how she felt.”

Rebekah Stephenson Morrison

“Thank you so much for sharing your profound gift of communication with our family.  You have given us all the power of understanding one another, which may be the greatest gift in the world.”

Missy and Jaice

Shamanic Hypnotherapy


“Over the years I have done many hypnotherapy sessions with Dara and they have all been enjoyable and very beneficial. Some sessions were for specific issues, some were to further spiritual growth. I love Dara”s gentle and creative approach. She has a quick understanding of what you’d like to accomplish and gives guidance during the process while allowing for a spontaneous flow. A therapy session with Dara is like going on an adventure. You never know where you’ll end up, but you can be sure that it is safe, deep, positive, surprising and healing! I highly recommend Dara for hypnotherapy!”

Anja Woltman

“Dara Tuell has facilitated dozens of hypnotherapy sessions for me over about fifteen years taking me safely through some big intrapersonal challenges. Without fail I leave the sessions in touch with solid inner resources and feeling lighter, safer, and happier. I trust Dara deeply and bring any concern or intention to my work with her knowing that I and the work are held with intelligence, bodymind skills, humanity and wisdom.  Because of my own leanings, much of that work is what I think of as a particular strength of Dara’s:  “spiritual” work.  Since that term is bandied about so often these days, let me briefly clarify.  In addition to its most common usage, meaning something in the ballpark of “attitudinal” shifts, I have found Dara enormously conversant and competent also in the more precise application of awakenedly mindful, precise interaction with specific energies and beings in the non-physical world.  Indeed, Dara has been a primary teacher for me in this work. Should you too wish to really delve into and grow in your spiritual life, I recommend her to you without reservation.”

Heron Saline, CHT CMT”

Animal Stone Readings


“When Dara gives you an Animal Stone Reading one gets the sense that behind the stones are real energies that Dara is intimate with.  My reading did not seem to have any specific anchors or references that held for the time of my reading. Months later however, Dara’s counsel proved spot on!  Tiger, who was at the center of my throw was knocked away when Coyote claimed the center of my reading.  Some months later due to surprise and alarming circumstances beyond my control, my plans and my direction had to be scrapped.  Coyote certainly knocked me off center!  Knowing it was about Coyote’s trickster transformational magic lent me the insight and reassurance that if I go with the flow of what was happening that all will be better in the end.  Thank you Dara!”

Francis Salmeri

“I had an animal stone reading from Dara Tuell in January to kick off my new year. It was SO cool and SO right on and I don’t know of anyone who does this kind of thing. It was a unique experience.  She uses special stones to help you understand what is going on in your life, answer a question for you, or offer some guidance. Kind of hard to explain in a short thing here, but it was FUN and Dara is a loving, fun and calming presence to work with. I’ve never done anything like this before and what blew me away was how accurate it was. The things she described to me are actually happening in my life and I have felt more empowered and comforted moving forward on some new transitions as I continue to not listen to outer critics and create a life that works for ME. I thought it was a great way to start off the new year.”

Rebekah Stephenson Morrison

“My animal stone reading with Dara was profound and gave me helpful insights about my life. I was beating myself up for spending so much time at home in my lair, but Bear appeared several times to assure me that it was a time for deep introspection, dreaming, and intuition. Rabbit also appeared twice to show that there is a balance between living in the underground to restore my magic so that I can come out and be playful and have abundance above ground. No one judges the bear in it’s cave or the rabbit in it’s burrow, so I learned not to judge myself and just be with what is. Dara directed me to allow my internal process that is too deep for conscious understanding. This reading continues to resonate brightly in my life months later and I am so glad I took the opportunity to have my animal stone reading.”

Denise Ostler, artist, Asheville NC

“Need a boost of confidence, inner strength, and some old fashioned wisdom of what’s next?  Call on Dara!  I have had and gifted others with Dara’s animal readings and they and moi can not get over the accuracy.”

Susan C. Guild, Author and Creativity Coach




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