Words of Wisdom: From a Cat to Readers in Cyberland

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Rune, a.k.a. Her Majesty Queen Rune Elizabeth I, was originally named for her mystical markings. She is a wise soul, a big spirit in a small feline body.  As you can probably tell from her title, she has a decidedly regal air about her.  Like many wise elders who don’t suffer fools, she can also have a bit of an “edge.”

She loves it when I “listen” to her.  I know I don’t do that as often as she would like, and I’m not sure I could ever do it often enough to please her. So, naturally, I thought she’d be happy when I asked her if she had any wisdom she’d like to share with people on the Internet. I figured she’d jump at the chance.

What I neglected to calculate was having to explain about the Internet.  Don’t cats know all about it by now? After all they’re all over it everywhere.  I mean, don’t cats pretty much rule the internet?  What a shock that a flesh and blood cat wouldn’t immediately understand the question. By way of explanation, I started sending her images of people looking at their computer screens and seeing her.

Immediately I started receiving images back.  The first was of Rune politely putting out a paw to tap my keyboard, then of her walking across the keyboard in front of the monitor, followed by an image of her trying to get in my lap and finding the computer in the way. Is this sounding familiar to anyone?  Feelings of increasing annoyance and frustration accompanied these images.  The final picture she showed me is one that most cat lovers will be very familiar with. I call it “the back.” It’s one of the strongest expressions of complete feline disapproval.

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I don’t think she could possibly have been more clear.  In short, the message my wise cat sends to humans in cyberspace is: “Turn off your computers and pay attention to your cat.”


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